Published on April 17, 2016



As a medium I know that the best readings are the ones where the energy flows effortlessly between the client and myself. I want everyone who goes to a medium to have the best possible experience. So I thought I would share with you my best tips from the unique perspective of being a medium myself. 


Let go of any fixed expectations: If you walk into a reading thinking ‘I will know the medium has made contact with my Aunt Betty when she says “Remember our song was Mary had a Little Lamb” and you are holding onto that as the only way proof can come; then you may be blocking the way energy flows.

Remember your loved ones in spirit will find their best way to validate they are there with you in spirit and then deliver the message to you. Often times it will be in a way that you least expect it; and can even be more powerful than you could ever imagined.


Allow for in the moment amnesia: When you are receiving a reading with a medium especially if you are at a live event with a microphone in your hand; something interesting can happen. You can forget about the facts and details that relate to your loved one in spirit.

As a medium both in my individual sessions and at live events I can from time to time; have people say in response to the messages I am conveying; “No, that does not make sense to me at all.” Only to have them contact me afterward with an email saying “Oh I know what that is now.”


Gloria* was a mother who had lost her son in a car accident. He had fallen asleep at the wheel and died tragically as his car collided with a tree. He was only 19 years of age. Throughout the reading he kept on showing me what looked like red sweets. I conveyed this to Gloria and she thought hard and could not think what he was trying to tell her. Thank fully there were many other facts conveyed that she could relate to however he kept on persisting with an image of the red sweets. We were both baffled. Her son kept on saying that “she will remember.” A few days later Gloria sent me an email where she told me that she remembered what he was talking about. His favourite sweet were candy shaped in a red ball. The family had placed those into his coffin as one of his favourite things. And so the mystery was solved.


As a therapist I can appreciate that making a connection with our loved ones in spirit is a highly emotional experience and I know that when we become emotionally flooded then the rational part of our brain shuts down somewhat. This means that we are less able to connect with our thinking brain, the part that does relate to memory. So for this reason; I encourage people to record there session to reflect afterward.


I am relieved to say that in my sessions and at my events there is an abundance of information provided that the person can relate to however I now educate and encourage people to be aware that this type of amnesia can happen in the moment.


Be open to receive validation: As a medium the way I receive messages are through images and words that I see and hear. The way these messages come through can be quite symbolic. My first intention is to tell you something that there is no way I could have known so we can then validate that I am in a state of energetic connection with your loved one in spirit.

This is an essential part of the reading as it is this information that validates the connection is real and brings the most comfort. Once we have both established and confirmed that we are connected then this is where your loved ones will answer questions and impart special messages that they have for you.


When you go to a medium be sure to research their credentials. Word of mouth can often be a good guide. You will know if the medium is a good fit for you by how you feel afterward. You should feel comfort, uplifted and a sense of clarity.

Working as a medium is my absolute privilege. It is crazy, out there, hard to believe I know; yet so powerfully healing. It is part of what I am here to do so onwards I go being of service to you and following my life path.



* Name and details of client stories are changed here to ensure confidentiality is maintained.