Published on December 19, 2011



House hunting is an interesting experience for me. As I am shown through each home I can feel whether it has been a home of happiness and joy or sadness and despair. From the moment I walk in the door I am struck immediately by the energetic vibration of that home. I can instantly feel the presence of a divorce or even intense relationship conflict. I will certainly feel when there has been any form of traumatic incident. I naturally intuitively connect with the traumatic or conflictual vibrational imprint that rests within the energy field of that home.

During a reading with a client I will ask for the number of their home and just by tuning into that number I am shown so much about the property. Even in my own home, if there has been a period of sadness, say after my mother passed away or a series of difficult times, then I am usually aware of the vibrational residue that remains well after these sad or difficult times have passed.

So every now and then I give my home a good clear out. Depending upon available time; the process undertaken to cleanse my lovely home may be an elaborate ritual that takes an hour or in may be a simple quick visualisation that takes a couple of minutes.
Many clients ask me about the process to clear away and create a positive vibe around their home. Here is a simple ritual that takes only a few minutes. You can use this process to clear and cleanse a new space that you may be moving into or simply to give your own home a complete energetic refresh.


Set aside approximately 20 minutes of a restful evening.

  1. Begin with a shower or bath. As water pours over your body visualise cleansing white light showering over you, cleansing you of all negative energy and fear and returning that fear and negativity to the earth where it will be transmuted back to love.
  2. After your bathing ritual, anoint your chakras with either lavender or frankincense essential oil.
  3. Light a candle and place a table or bowl on the table. Have a cup or jug full of tap water on the table as well. Just use your usual crockery, anything you have handy in your kitchen. Using what you have available is helpful as not only is it easy and cost effective, it helps to keep the process grounded and connected to your everyday life!
  4. Place the candle in the centre of a large dinner plate and then sprinkle some salt in a circle around the candle. Now takes 3 deeps breathes. Say ” I invite my spirit guides to cleanse this home of all negativity, fear and worry. I ask that you take this energy and bring it to rest within this bowl of water and circle of salt. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou, for as I say these words, I know it is done.”
  5. Relax for a while, allow the candle to burn. This can be for either a few minutes or you may like it burning away for a few hours. (Remember fire safety first).
  6. Once you feel it is time to complete the Cleansing Ritual, blow out the candle and take the salt and the water outside and return them to the earth. As you do, thank the salt and the water for carrying the old energy from your home.

Return to your home. Light a new candle, in a vibrant colour of your choice and say ” I dedicate this home to be a place of love, peace and abundance in all its forms.”

Allow that candle to burn for as long as you like and know that as it does it will imbue your home with the energy of your intention.

Sometimes it does take a few days after the completion of this ritual for the old energy to completely feel like it has left the home. Trust that it is leaving and all should be balanced and resonating with divine love in just a few days. Trust and know that you have replaced fear with love and created your own inner sanctuary.

The rest is easy! Just enjoy your refreshed energetic space.