“I want to help you feel relief and clarity. That is my sole purpose when we meet for a reading.”  

Katrina Cavanough™ MAASW BSWBSocSc has worked with thousands of people as a grief & trauma therapist for over two decades. Whilst she still maintains a private mainstream practice she also now offers a practice as a medium and spirituality coach.

She is the Spirituality and Intuitive Coach on Balance By Deborah Hutton and has contributed to MariaShriver.com, appeared on Channel 7’s Weekend Sunrise, The Daily Edition and was featured on Channel 7’s 2011 series of ‘The One’.

Katrina has been heard on radio in the USA, Canada and across Australia on SeriusXM, Hay House Radio, Voice America, and here in Australia on Sydney’s 2DayFM’s Kyle & Jackie O Show, MIX106.5FM, Illawarra’s i98fm, 96.5 WaveFM, Lismore’s 2LT and StarFM Shepparton.

In print, Katrina has been featured in New Dawn Magazine, Wake Up World Online Magazine, ONE Mag, Holistic Bliss Magazine, New Idea, Take 5, That’s Life, TV Week and InSpirit Magazine. 

Her first book ‘Wisdom For Your Life’, published by Allen & Unwin is now available where all good books are sold in Australia and New Zealand and is now also available in the United States and Canada.  Katrina’s CD for children – Happy Little Hearts – a health and healing meditation CD, published by Blue Angel Publishing is available now in 15 countries across the globe.

Katrina holds two university degrees in the field of relationships and human behaviour. Katrina has worked as a Relationship Therapist, Child & Family Therapist, and Drug & Alcohol Clinician. She has worked as the Service Manager of a Forensic Drug & Alcohol Program and as a front-line social worker in a busy emergency department. These years of services have given her expertise with relationships, psychological trauma, death and grief.

Her unique style offers practical life guidance based on a solid foundation of intuitive wisdom and extensive experience working with relationships and human behavior.

Katrina is a mother of two beautiful girls and looks to spend as much time as she can in beautiful places. 






Katrina I wanted 2 say thank u so, so much again.. Since we had the reading…have given me so much hope & reignited my fire Katrina. My heart 2 urs. Thank you. Xxx

S, Adelaide, Australia


Dear Katrina , Thank u for your kindness , for listen to us, for give hope and peace to us, for talk with us. You are the perfect example of how a human being should be! What you did for Us cannot be expressed in words . Our Eternal gratitude! 

M & A, Sydney Australia


Thank you so much for today.
We walked away feeling alot better about your reading than we have with anyone else’s.
We havent stopped talking about it (which is always good :-))
I’m certain we will be back . Thanks again! 🙂

A, Sydney


“Wow, this reading was spot on and so insightful! You had me in tears pretty much the entire time. Good tears… :) You saw so much! Thank you, thank you.”

S, Hawaii, USA

“Katrina… wow is all I can say! There are no words to express my gratitude for this. It blew me away. I don’t think anyone has ever picked up on how much love I put into my art ….. Thankyou so much for your wonderful reading!!”
Laura, Melbourne, Australia

I was cleaning out old emails and came across the reading that you did for me last February… Oh my. EVERYTHING you said has come to fruition. I knew at the time that you’d hit the mark but now that a year has passed I can see the things you talked about with more…clarity. Wow. Thank you so much. Congratulations on the year you’ve had! Thanks again … It was so amazing to read it today – we’ve just had a massive clean-up and part of your msg was to do with clearing negative energy… things have turned around in so many ways since your reading and you predicted all of it. Made me realise how important *trust* is. It’s all meant to be and there’s a reason for absolutely everything… What a great way to start the new year! Thank you so much!
S, Wollongong


From Celebrity Mike Goldman



  • SeriusXM
  • Hay House Radio
  • Voice America
  • Mix’s National Body + Soul Radio
  • 2 DayFM Kyle & Jackie O Show
  • Sydney’s MIX 106.5FM
  • 96.5 Wave FM
  • i98 fm – Illawarra
  • Star FM
  • Lismore 2LM
  • Spirit Radio in WA


  • New Idea Magazine
  • TV Week
  • That’s Life
  • Illawarra Mercury
  • Whispers of Spirit Magazine
  • Wisdom Magazine


  • Channel 7’s The One 2011 series
  • The Daily Edition
  • Sunrise