Published on December 23, 2015




STATS:  8 days Minus 1 kg  TOTAL MINUS OVERALL: 3kg

BEST TIP: Using meditation to look after that feeling of slight hunger that can come in the initial days as my body adjusts to eating less.



Well I am back!!! Just over a week down on this round and I am making real changes to what and how I enjoy my food. I feel healthier, lighter, brighter and I do have more energy. I am making some amazing discoveries about just what happens when you actually #rebalanceyourbody with good nutritious food eaten in the right quantities. It is simple really yet it still feels like I am swimming in miracles as my body and mind is discovering just how good it can feel. Here is what I know so far.


  • I am standing in the shower – cause that’s where all the best reflections happen, right? And my children come in and ask yet again for a something sweet to eat. I give them my stock standard reply of “No, you need to select a piece of fruit.” And the negotiations begin. And they are masters of negotiation. Every parent reading this will know I am speaking the truth here. My beautiful girls give me every possible reason why they should be having that cookie and we go backwards and forwards but I hold firm and don’t crack under the pressure. Its intense!! But I get there. One win for me and their health. Yahoo!


With that battle over I find myself thinking “Gosh they are like sweet seeking missiles! “ and then ka-ching – it hits me…. So am I! I have always been someone who if I am honest moves in and out of situations and there is always a subliminal hum going on within me, an unconscious radar that goes beep, beep beep when I see a target of something sweet to eat. This can happen anywhere but is busiest when I line up to pay for my petrol where those bag of sweet lollies just call me!

Now I understand I like sweet things I will plan; once I’m through this initial phase – to incorporate a sweet little something into my eating. I will use a sweet combination (pardon the pun) of mindfulness and understanding to have this new revelation work for me and not against me. I have developed a quick meditation technique I can use whilst standing in the supermarket or petrol line up – to sooth my body as it feels the need to reach for those sweets.

This is my plan so I will keep you across how it goes. I am going to work with my sweet seeking ways rather than try to ignore or suppress those feelings. 

  • I am down 1 kg; which on me with my teeny tiny frame looks like probably 5kg on anyone else. I feel light and the energy I have is astounding. Even at this very busy time of the year I am able to burn all my candles at all their ends and still feel great. So what does this say to me? As I eat smaller quantities of the good nutritious stuff – I am giving my body a change to focus on other things other that processing food. My joints already feel better and my mind feels clearer. Yipee Yi Yo !! I say.
  • My mind feels much happier and less foggy. I am eating good carbs and protein with each meal. I am literally eating as if I am insulin resistant. With a family history of Type 2 Diabetes and after having insulin dependent gestational diabetes with my first bubba; I know I’m on the hit list if I do not keep my body healthy. Its working and its easy. (This is Phase 3 of the Weigh Less With Jess Eating Plan)
  • OK Christmas is here! I live in reality and for me this is not about deprivation. I do though want to find a new way to experience festive occasions and celebrations. So my big grand plan is to eat everything with balance.

 I am not going to pretend that I am not going to eat lots of sweet and savory delights. I will. I am making the triffle for goodness sake so I will be eating that. But I really don’t want that “Oh, my god.. I am so full” feeling. It can be physically overwhelming. So my plan is eat a little bit, a taste throughout the day. And to drink more water than wine.

It will be different. All change can feel weird at first. So I am expecting that. I feel like I am the alcoholic going to a party for the first time planning not to drink. I may be the outsider and that’s ok because I cannot wait for that so good feeling that will come the next day when I awake without the food hangover!


  • The next step literally is to take more of them. Now I have begun the changes that come with eating better; I am planning to move my body more. Just a bit of walking to begin with. I understand that 20 mins of walking a day is wonderful and when I have walked regularly in the past I love it.


Now you need to understand that this will be a big change. For the past few years; since moving into my own business actually (Hmmmmmm that’s an interesting reflection) I do not move much at all. So I am looking forward to getting on my walking shoes once again and hitting the suburban pavement.


My only challenge is that I know I am receiving Magda Zabanski’s book Reakoning for Christmas. Like all Australians I love Magda so I cant wait. The big question will be; will I be able to put down her great book and find my way to the walking zone. Ill let you know…