Published on July 27, 2018



Astrology is not something that I deeply understand. I just know how my body feels as the moon completes it cycle every month. I can literally feel the pull sometimes when the energy shifts as the moon waxes and wanes.  And when I give myself the time to look up into the night sky I am often silenced by the sheer beauty of the moon and its light.


Right now, I am going through one of the deepest personal transformations and I feel I have shed a layer of my former self. For so many months now I have been sitting in many hours deep personal pain and I feel it is symbolic and not at all coincidental that I am emerging at this time into a new version of myself.


With the significance of this time in my life I could not let this most powerful blood moon pass without completing a ritual of sorts.


Now I’m a practical one and so any ritual needs to be useful, easy and especially relevant. Through a prayer meditation, I opened myself up to receive a few steps that I could take to honour the letting go of the old ways and to feel the emergence of the newest version of myself. And here is what I have understood is one way I can honour myself in the light of the special Aquarius blood moon.


Step 1: In the morning, I will gather the girls and we will go and watch the blood moon rise. I will breathe in the feeling of that experience and as I stand there immersing my senses into the beauty. I will give thanks for all that I have experienced over this most recent period of deep personal growth.


I will be aware of the new way that I am now. I will be aware of the power of acceptance as I look over the thoughts, perspectives, beliefs and behaviours that I have released and I will feel good that I have a ‘new way’ of seeing myself, my relationships and the world.


Step 2: At the end of the day I will sit and write a letter to myself 30 years ago. I will tell my 15 year old self all that she needed to hear and understand back then and I will offer her nurturing understanding for the way she made her choices based on what she knew at the time.


Step 3: Finally I will write a letter to myself in the future, to my 85 year old self. I will tell her about the life that we have lived and just how joy filled, calm, peaceful her life has been and how she has lived in a state of kindness to herself and others.


These three steps will do just well and then at the end of the day I will lay my head on the pillow and give thanks for all of the kind and beautiful people I have in my life. I will thank the pain as it has shown me so much and I will never be the same again because of it. I have grown, changed, emerged… it does not really matter how you describe it. I am now more of myself, my real self. The version of me that knows more of the truth about my value and my worth and I remain humbly grateful for this experience.