Published on August 22, 2015

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Hello Katrina,
I was so excited to see this. I have lost a special ring. I lost it whilst working in the shop on a very busy day. have felt that it is lost, not gone forever but I have searched high and low without success. Once I knew that I didn’t have it on, I went through all of the rubbish, piece by piece, and the floor sweepings on that day before anything was thrown out. It was during salad season so over 500 salads were made on that day
I had lost it once before and found it again, but I didn’t learn my lesson. I still wore it to work as I loved it
I hope you are able to choose my email as one to answer
Happy clairvoyant thoughts!


Dear IW, 

Tuning in to you, have you been unwell lately? this is not a prediction, it would be now or recently or around the time when you lost the ring… It is not a serious illness. Nothing to worry about. Just a feel ing unwell as in maybe feeling nauseous.

I can see your connection to this ring. It literally leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy when you wear it. It means alot and you feel lovely when you wear it. I do see the ring coming back to you perhaps by the hand of another person returning it to you. I can see you looking ahead for it and someone comes to your side and hands it to you.

Once it is returned I see you keeping it in pouch for a while and then you will get it out and wear it again. It is meant to be worn and you know that.

In the mean time perhaps look outside? Along a ledge, near the building. Or perhaps someone found it there and they have it and are meaning to return it to you. Holding onto it.

I really hope you find it!!!



Hello Katrina
How clever are you!!
Yes, I have been ill and at the time when I lost the ring, I was struggling with the symptoms of a large kidney stone that I have since had removed. At that time, it had not been diagnosed and I was both unwell and nauseous.
You are also right in that the ring means a lot and I love it and loved wearing it. Because I have arthritic fingers, it was especially made to clip on as opposed to sliding on so that I could take it on and off easily. The clip has come undone and it has just fallen off somewhere. I love pink diamonds and I was given a special gift of several small pink diamonds on my 60th birthday. These diamonds were subsequently made into this ring at a later date.
I lost this ring once before but, because I love it and it is special to me and I think that beautiful things are given to us to be worn, I started wearing it again.
You are also right in that I had determined that when I find it, I won’t wear it when I have very busy days in the kitchen!! By the way…I keep all of my jewellery in pouches!!
It is likely that someone will hand it to me as my girls (staff) were all there in the day that I lost it and are always on the look out when they are sweeping and cleaning as I have always felt that it has not gone forever… is somewhere close by so I am delighted to hear that you feel that it will be returned.
Initially, I thought that I had lost it in a freezer as I remember catching my hand as I packed containers into it. We unpacked the entire freezer without success
There is a staircase that I use as I come and go and I always hold the rail with the hand on which I wore the ring as I walk down. I have wondered on several occasions if perhaps it has come undone as I have walked down the stairs. The space is very difficult to get at. Now that you have mentioned that it is perhaps outside on a ledge, I will look there. Maybe????
Thank you for your response. I feel happy that my beautiful ring is still “missing” and not gone forever
Kind regards



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