Published on April 18, 2016



Many people have heard the word chakra yet may not understand how the chakra system really works. The concept of chakras originates in the Indian Hindu culture and means “spinning wheels”. It is understood there are 7 chakras in total with each chakra having its own function.

The process of balancing your chakras is a healing system within itself that can bring great benefits physically, emotionally and energetically. There are many ways to balance your chakras including the use of meditation, crystals or essential oils. Whatever tools you use; the change can be transformative.

Before you decide on the best method to clear and balance your chakras it is a good idea to have an understanding of each chakra.


First Chakra (ROOT)


Colour: red and located at the base of your spine.

Qualities: survival instinct, courage, feeling grounded and your connection to the earth’s energy.

Physical: kidneys and adrenal glands.


Second Chakra (SACRAL)


Colour: orange and is located at your lower abdomen.

Qualities: sexual desire, change, harmony and emotions.

Physical: reproductive organs.


Third Chakra (SOLAR PLEXIS)


Colour: Yellow and is located in your upper stomach area.

Qualities: sense of one’s own power in the world, self esteem and confidence.

Physical: liver, gallbladder and stomach.


Fourth Chakra (Heart)


Colour: Green and is located in your chest or heart area.

Qualities: unconditional love, harmony, balance, compassion and peace.

Physical: heart, lungs, circulatory system, arms and hands.


Fifth Chakra (Throat)


Colour: Sky blue and is located at your throat area.

Qualities: communication, speech, knowledge and creativity.

Physical: Thyroid, parathyroid, throat and mouth.


Sixth Chakra (Third Eye)


Colour: indigo and is located in the space between your eye brows.

Qualities: intuition, imagination and sixth sense or psychic ability.

Physical: pituatory gland, nose and ears.


Seventh Chakra (Crown)


Colour: violet and is located at the crown of your head.

Qualities: connection to your spirituality in whatever form that takes.

Physical: brain, central nervous system and the pineal gland.


Living with an awareness of your chakra system and working with them as your own personal healing system can bring great results.


Balancing your chakras, a simple exercise

The best method I have utilised over the years is a simple meditation where I rest my awareness on each chakra and allow my intuition to guide me on how in balance or out of balance it feels. I visualise each chakra as a small spinning wheel or fan and I look at the shade of the colour, the rate at which the wheel is spinning and the way each chakra feels. If I determine that my chakra is out of balance I use a visualization to restore it to its best colour, spinning speed and glow.

This process can take 5-15 minutes each day and I have always found leaves me feeling in a greater state of balance and peace.

Enjoy! And may your chakras spin in a great state of balance and splendour!