There is a direct connection to the way you feel now, your past and even your future. Our levels of happiness, confidence, peace and emotional freedom now have direct links to the way we experienced our past and our sense of clarity and confidence as we step into our future. 

Love Your Life is a one to one coaching program where Katrina Cavanough BSWBSocSc will personally customize with you a road map to happiness, prosperity and balance. Your program will be individually tailored to your specific needs. Katrina will only work with a small number of people in each calendar period.

  • Develop a real life action plan full of tools, resources and strategies
  • Live a life with clarity, purpose and meaning
  • Connect you to your own wisdom and greater awareness
  • Free yourself from fear and connect you to hope
  • Re-orientate your self concept and shift beliefs to reflect your innate magnificence
  • Live your life feeling energised and excited
  • Empower you to create a happy, successful and prosperous life

Love your Life Coaching Programs includes

  • 2 x 90 minute Initial Personal Consultations
  • Individual Coaching Sessions (Package options include 3 session, 6 sessions or 9 sessions)
  • Unlimited Email consultation for the duration of your program
  • Unlimited sms consultation for the duration of your program
  • Follow up consultation after program completion

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