Published on February 8, 2014



I have lost my voice. I am familiar with my voice popping off for a holiday now, as each time I am unwell, my voice takes a rest. This is most interesting as I use my voice to connect with people, to offer love, support and healing.

There is an abundance of evidence that substantiates that ‘the body knows’. And I work with people all the time to support them to listen to their body more. Your body is communicating with you all the time. And over the past 2 days my body is asking me to rest my voice. And I am listening.

Now this is challenging as I am bringing to you my Crazy to CALM series and I am due to record today. Yet this will clearly not happen as you will not be able to hear me.

I am aware that the changes I am making to feel CALM are working; as even though I face this challenge of not being able to deliver a VLOG to you yesterday, today and maybe even tomorrow, I am calm.

I feel no concern that I cannot deliver you a video as promised. I am in the flow of life.  With simple changes of more water, meditation, sleep and less screen time… oh and more kindness, then I feel a wonderful different. I am beginning to feel less crazy and calm is trickling into my life a little more each day.

Yahooooooo! How brilliant is that?

So today, Day 7 will be about nurturing your body when it is unwell. I shall share some links as even though I cannot talk to you, I can share with you many other experts who can offer you the gift of their knowledge.


Enjoy today, for it is all we have.



Kindest & Calmest