Published on December 22, 2015



I am a huge fan of doing all I can to shift my vibes. I also know that I am most happy and content when I am feeling the power of my spiritual life. 


There are so many ways you can express your spirituality throughout the festive season. When we connect with our spiritual side at christmas time; we add meaning to each moment and we can experience a deeper sense of connection to what is important. People, experiences and precious moments. 


So if you would like to enjoy your sassy spiritual side this christmas; here are 5 ideas that will really connect you to the true magic of christmas. Enjoy!



  1. Celebrate the light.


The 21st December is the Summer Solstice and for me this day represents the official beginning of the festive season. Celebrating the summer solstice has been part of our culture since the beginning of time and our ancestors would herald the day with celebrations and rituals. Because this can be a busy time of the year; if I am unable to celebrate on the 21st itself; I will find a day that is as close as possible to celebrate. It may be the day before or the day after. It does not matter. 


The summer solstice symbolises the abundance and fullness of life. It is a great day to raise your energy up to reflect the radiant sunlight of the day and set some intentions to manifest your dreams. There are many ways to celebrate the summer solstice. From lighting candles, making flower wreaths to singing and setting love filled intentions for your romantic life.  The ways to celebrate the longest day of the year are endless. 


To celebrate this year I am going to fill my home with yellow and orange flowers to represent the golden rays of the sun, light a candle and set some powerful intentions to feel happiness and inner peace during this festive season break. 


  1. Love for those who need it at christmas 


As a therapist and social worker, over the past 20 plus years; the weeks leading up to Christmas are always an important time to prepare my clients for the weeks ahead. Christmas can be a wonderful yet also such a painful time depending upon your circumstances.


By the time the day before Christmas Eve arrives (December 23, I refer to this day as Christmas Eve eve) I have done all I can on a practical and emotional level to prepare and support my clients. So on this day I light a candle and say a prayer of intention for those who are alone, suffering or feeling the harshness of their life circumstances. I hold the intention that over the coming days they will feel a sense of comport, compassion and kindness.


  1. Your creative spirit


One of the ways your soul wants to express itself is through creativity. Your soul knows that when you create something beautiful – it is actually your true essence – kindness, compassion, love and wisdom – finding physical form in your everyday life. How beautiful is that?


So for me, each time I hear Marina Prior share her beautiful voice at the Carols, or taste someone’s yummy creation, or see Christmas lights; I am awash with joy. For in that moment I am aware that in that morsel of creativity rests the most loving, kind, wise and compassionate parts of that person.


I would like to invite you to do the same. As you listen to a song, see some pretty lights and enjoy the creations from the kitchen, take a deep breath and know that you are actually witnessing the miracle of that persons goodness. And then enjoy!


  1. Connect with your loved ones in spirit


Everyone has the capacity to move their awareness between the two worlds of the physical and non physical. There are a few simple steps you can take to open your awareness to the otherside and receive messages. The festive season can be a great time of year to try this. Your heart is more open at this time, there is more time for stillness and you are more relaxed.


To begin just set the intention (make a decision) that you will receive a sign from your loved one in spirit. You can be specific, tell them how you want to hear from them. A message, song or experience. Then simply go about your day and ensure that each day you have a few minutes just resting, being still and keep talking to your loved one. They can hear every word and feel every emotion. Then just wait and your message from your loved one in spirit will come.


  1. Create a Christmas ritual

Throughout my childhood I really enjoyed our family Christmas ritual. Wake up and see what Santa had left under the tree. Breakfast, then off to church for the special Christmas service. Home for a lovely lunch and time with family.


As I grew older and stopped attending church; I must say that I missed having a time of the day that was dedicated to recognizing the spiritual element of christmas. I believe we are physical, emotional, psychological, sexual and spiritual beings. To stay in balance we need to honour each part of ourselves. 


In modern times our sense of spirituality is less defined and we are faced with a wonderful choice. How would you like to have a spiritual life? And when it comes to the festive season; what can you do to honour your own sense of the spiritual at this time of year?


For me I like to enjoy a special ritual and meditation on Christmas day. I light some candles and sing a song, I call on my entire spiritual team and share time with my loved ones in spirit. And then I give thanks for all the blessings in my life and decide to enjoy the day. Sometimes the ritual can last for 5 minutes, other times an hour. It all depends upon when I hear the sounds of my delights calling; “Mum come on ….. “


Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas. Stay safe, have fun and most importantly, feel the joy.