Published on January 26, 2017



When you are learning about your ability to connect with the non physical world, the first emotion that every single person feels is self doubt.

This is normal and one of the most important steps you can take when you are increasing your connection as a medium or psychic is to develop a relationship with your self doubt.

To do this here are 3 ways to look after those feelings of self doubt so you can move into your own purpose and be of spiritual help to others.


1. Understand that self doubt is not an obstacle, it is just your own fear that you will not be good enough. When I feel this way; I just remind myself that the reason I am feeling the self doubt in the first place is that I care so much about really being helpful to my client. This changes the self doubt immediately to be a sign that I care rather than something that is blocking the flow.


2. Say to your self that “It is understandable that I am feeling self doubt right now.” Repeat this to yourself like it is a mantra. Say it at least three times as you are relaxing into the consultation if you feel any fear or self doubt. 


3. Reframe your expectations about the process. You will make mistakes. Some impressions may not make sense to the client at the time however may be understood later. Sometimes when you are with a client and they feel anxious; then this can also interact with the flow of the reading. And sometimes you may just misunderstand what you are being shown. Remind yourself that these moments may happen and that is ok. We are human after all. As you gain more confidence these moments will become less over time. Even the worlds greatest mediums are human too and they have moments just like these. Allow yourself to learn. Release the pressure upon yourself and watch your connection to spirit flourish.