Published on July 5, 2015

 Ever since I have stepped out into public arena I have not felt comfortable calling myself a medium or a psychic. I have always described myself as Intuitive as it felt more mainstream. I wanted to shape myself to a mainstream audience so I played around with a mainstream title.





I’m not sure what I expected though. When I was selected out of hundreds to appear on channel 7’s The One – the search for Australia’s most gifted Psychic; and then I wrote a book about my communication with people who had passed away in the ER. Of course I was engaging in mediumship and working with the energy that we all are to help others. 


I think the other reason why I have struggled with what to call myself is that when many use the words Psychic or Medium – it conjures up images of someone doing something really special and that they somehow have a gift.


Until just recently I did not consider this part of my life to make me special in any way. To me this is everyday practice and I literally have just realised recently that what does make it special is not that I can do this; but that I am using this awareness to be of service to others. And not everyone feels they can do this kind of work – so in this way; it is special. 


Also it gets more confusing because I work in so many different ways with people; that I just did not know how to describe what I “do”. I have spent hours thrashing this out with business coaches over the years. How do we brand Katrina Cavanough?

As a therapist for the past 22 years I have worked with people in a mainstream way. I still do. I never mention my intuition in those sessions as that is not why they are here to see me. 


I also work with people in session as a medium as well and I always tune in, and tap into people lives –past, present and future- when I am giving an Intuitive consultation (reading). My best work I feel sometimes is where I combine all three areas. So with all these different hats you can see why it has been confusing. Even for me.


But recently I have been feeling a strong calling to live as I am. To celebrate the fact that communicating spirit messages is part of who I am. It kept tapping at my door until I could not really ignore it anymore. I even asked for a sign that this was the best step forward and the sign was delivered within hours, not even days. So I am up for it and I am open to see where this takes me. 


I have decided to live my life as I am meant to. The miracles that occurred during the selection process for The One has shown me that I was not chosen as one of Australia’s top 10 Psychics, out of hundreds of applicants across Australia for no reason. There was a purpose there and I am meant to be following that purpose. 


About a year ago – I was meeting with Sonya Keenan, the producer for Balance By Deborah Hutton – and we were talking about this very issue. How do I describe what I do? Sonya wisely said to me “Katrina milk is milk. Its best just to call it that. “ I have come back to that moment and I am ready to embrace it!!


So I am re-stepping out of the closet and declaring that talking to spirit as a medium is part of what I do. I am someone who works with the energy that you are and I am here to serve you. I don’t really care how I do that as long as I get to be authentically me and I really help you.


I am still not sure where my unique combination of skills actually fit and that is ok for now. I have my own little possie that does not really belong to anywhere in particular. 

I am comfortable that I don’t really fit snuggly into some category. I am many things. A medium, clairvoyant, therapist, coach, life strategist and most important for me – a person who really cares. And that is what matters .. right?


So watch this space. I will be now stepping out more publically as a medium as well as all the others bits and pieces I do. My events will be shaped so that I can serve you in that way. I’ve never really done those kinds of events before –  so we shall see.


I feel that I am following the path I am meant to follow and I love that I will be able to serve how I am meant to serve. I am going to stop trying to shape what I do into what I think people will want and just be what I am and that is it.

My experiences are so unique and really special. Its time to step out and share these. I am so looking forward to this next chapter. Stay tuned … some amazing events are coming!!!