Published on January 16, 2016

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After not being able to stop eating chocolate, one day in desperation I called out to my spiritual team for help. They gave me a series of steps that single handedly has given me the greatest mindshift about food. It has changed everything. I am so excited to share this with you. Here is how it all unfolded one sleepy summer afternoon….


For anyone who has been following my #rebalanceyourbody journey you will know that I am making changes to the way I eat food.


In my last post I shared with you my plans for christmas day and my grand plan to eat everything with balance. Well I did it! And as I sat at the end of the day and did not have that “oh my god I’ve over done it feeling” I was pleased as punch with myself.


As I drifted off into my nightly slumber that Christmas night; little did I know that what would happen next would bring the greatest #mindshift. I awoke on Boxing Day morning and began to eat. I ate cake, lollies, chips and chocolate. If it was sweet I popped it in my mouth. And it did not feel like I had a choice. At first I was pre menstrual so gave myself permission because.. “You know, you crave sweet and savory food before your period. Right? “ And then my period came and went and I was still eating.


As I ate the equivalent of a baby elephant in lollies and salty snacks – my husband and I had conversation after conversation about what we know we ‘should’ do. We’ve watched That Sugar Film, we know about good carbs and bad carbs and really if its not vegies, fruit, and protein then don’t eat it. We know that we are literally poisoning ourselves with all that processed food. We know, we know we know!


And even though I knew intellectually what I needed to do; I was not able to do it. It literally felt that way. I was not particularly stressed. I was extremely relaxed. Yet I just kept on eating like it was outside of my control.


I know that there are people reading this right now that know exactly the feeling I am talking about. It is a strong, physical experience and it feels like you don’t have any control over what you are eating.


There are also many people reading this who would say, “Well just use your willpower. “ That’s tricky because I don’t believe in it. My experience with my clients and myself has shown me that there are a lot of things that drive us forward and will power is not really one of them. So I could not rely on something that I did not believe in to help me make the change.


I felt so weary, fed up and over it. As I reflected I became aware of just how much I felt that internal struggle that came when unhealthy food was around.

So in an overtired rant. On that sunny afternoon I said to my great husbando –

“There has to be a better way. That’s it, I’m going for an afternoon nap and I am setting the intention that when I wake up my spiritual team will give me the answer.. once and for all …. on what I need to change to finally eat healthy and rebalance my body into a state of health and wellness.

With that I hopped into bed and fell asleep listening to the sounds of a gentle summer wind outside.


As I awoke I was given the clearest concept about the way I experience food. It literally landed into my awaking awareness. I was then taken though a visualization process that took about 10 minutes and ever since then I have experienced the most miraculous change.


It truly is like a miracle. I feel completely different. My relationship with food has changed. It was instantaneous. And so far this feeling has stuck with me. I am pleased and relieved to say that the changes that have happened to me as a result of this #mindshift have been amazing.


I have no cravings: I no longer crave chips, chocolate and lollies. Every day for as long as I can remember I have craved sweet and salty foods. And so on most days I would eat them.

Now I can be in the same room as chocolate and chips, biscuits and cake and I have no desire to eat them. The feeling is simply not there. Just today as I stood at a healthy snack bar buying a salad; I was surrounded by chocolate bars and seemingly healthy yet sugar laden muffins and I felt no urge at all to buy one. None at all. The cravings have literally disappeared.



No painful hunger pains: Since the miracle #mindshift; when my body feels hungry; it’s a gentle feeling. Not an intense overwhelming feeling that I must do something about. I am also finding that I am easily eating smaller portions. This is a great relief as it was the hunger pains together with the cravings that led me to eat more than I actually needed.

Now when my body feels hungry; rather than an intense and overwhelming feeling; it is a very slight feeling and one that can be easily addressed by drinking more water. I easily just tell myself that this mild hunger feeling is what happens when the body needs more water or a healthy snack.



The weight is falling off At the time I called out to my spirit team to help – I had put on 3 kgs that I had lost. I am only a tiny 143cm so 1 kg makes a huge difference to me. Since the #mindshift for weightloss experience I have lost 4 kgs in the first 7 days which is 7.5% of my body weight.


My mind is geared toward healthy food. I find myself calmly planning how I am going to make sure that there is healthy food available for me. There is no anxiety about this process where as before it always felt like it was challenging to fight against the cravings and hunger to make healthy choices. Now it is effortless and easy.



My next step is to continue to share my #mindshift weight loss experience with you. And then once I am a little further along I would love to share with you the process that I was given as I believe it can help you too. I just need a little while longer to continue to road test it.

Already though I know this will help so many people. I can feel it with every bit of my medium intuitive self. I know that it will give you the #mindshift that you need so that then whatever diet or food paradigm you are following; it will be easier and you will be able to permanently #rebalanceyourbody which is what we are all chasing.


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I am looking forward to sharing this with you so that you can experience the changes you deserve. Yipee!! I am so excited!!


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