Published on November 30, 2015



Well its been a few weeks now since I began my #reblancemybody #shiftyourvibes #bodyappreciation experience. I began with such gusto that I was certain of easy success. Then the detox hit me like a freight train and I was so unwell; that there was only one option – to pause.

Thankfully I am not deterred by my bodys reaction as it just means I am making changes. Once my body stopped feeling like I may not go on – tis the power of the detox process – I took some time and have reviewed my approach.

You see I am the kind of person who is a little bit determined. Once I set my mind to something then I will do what I have decided to do; its never about IF, just WHEN! As I reflected I reminded myself that I am the girl who never jumps into the pool. I stand on the side and step into the pool one step at a time allowing my body to adjust to the different temperature as I take each step. Yes it can be a slow process. But I like it that way.


So I meditated, sat in the stillness and felt my way forward. As a result I feel I have a clearer picture. I have revamped and begun with a staged preparation phase. Here are the steps I am now taking;

  1. Use Stevia in my coffee and tea and drinking more water
  2. Continue to reduce processed sugar from my diet
  3. Reduce the amount of processed carbs i.e. bread etc
  4. Begin again the detox process once my body is ready and I have time to flake out as my body adjusts.

Ar this stage I am allowing 10 days for the above process to complete. Then I will start again on Wednesday 9th December… just in time for the festive season!

I am ok with taking this journey one day at a time. I know I will get there. I just know it. I will also be further developing my meditations – so that they really hit the spot to help with the effects of this process… Wish me luck .. Im on a journey of a lifestyle change and Im determined!! To be human and to #rebalancemybody and #shiftmyvibes.