Published on November 8, 2015





Years ago I could not escape a daily experience of self loathing and every time I looked in the mirror I would be flooded with a barrage of comments from my inner critic.

As Ive shared with you before – I healed that!!! I have to say I absolutely nailed it!!! I did the mind work and totally changed the way I feel about myself. It did not take long and as a result I’ve been able to help my clients to say good bye to self loathing about their bodies and say hello to #bodyappreciation.

These days I look in the mirror and truly do love what I see. My ageing lines, my curvy tummy, all that wobbles and jiggles – I love every single part of me as it represents my capacity to experience life.

Even though I am in luuurve with my body, lately I have been hearing my body calling me into a deeper change. And so I got still and listened. What did my body really want?

When I opened up to listen – I heard my body asking for clean eating, a stable set of calories to process, an easier experience with less fat internally and externally and far less sugar and fat in my diet overall. My body is simply asking for more balance!

And so I have begun. Using the power of intentions – I’ve set the intention that I will once again restore my body back to its most optimum level of functioning. For me its not so much about the number on the scales rather a cleaner, healthier way to live.

I love structure so for the first 28 days I have signed up to a structured program (Weigh Less With Jess) that includes the use of a magic potion – well that’s not its technical name – but that is what I am calling it. For me this program feels like a detox, rather than a diet and a clean pathway back to a healthier way of eating.

And just to share the journey with you I will be giving you updates on how I am going.  I expect to feel some withdrawals as I let go of the sugar once again. And I wont be sharing time with my favourite friend honey for the next 28 days. -Boo hoo…

And of course I am going to DO IT MY WAY and add a few extras. I am adding the powerful art of intention setting and meditation to the process. As I move through the next 28 days I am going to listen to what I need and create my own meditations to help me through.

And I shall report to you and let you know how I am going with my trio of change;


  • My powerful intentions – they have changed everything else in my life so why not this?
  • Jess’s Weigh Less With Jess Program
  • My meditations


So here I go …. Wish me luck ….


Ill be posting regular updates here so come back and visit as I share my journey with you.




PHASE 2 DAY 1 (THE STATS: Total minus 0.5kg)

Well I awoke thinking .. “Well this is it” I had a vision that I would stretch, yawn and ease myself into the day, having time to reflect on my intentions of

I balance my body with nurturing food.

I am well and I enjoy eating clean and returning my body to its natural state of being


BUT NO.. this is real life … so it was “Muuuuuuuuuaaammmmm …… ” and then into the morning rush I went.


Instead of calmly planning my food for the day I found myself grabbing bits and pieces…. and throwing it all into my lunch bag, weighing myself in between (that was a hilarious experience see below), eating my breakfast as the morning whizzed by.

I have a full day today of appointments .. and a trip to my Bondi office so I had to be prepared with a days worth of food.

Ive decided to have an orange for breakfast as it reminds my of my grandmother. The smell and the taste takes me back to being in her kitchen, with her as always up on her kitchen stool…. telling me how great it is to start each day with an orange and sharing her wisdom about looking after your feelings.


I tried Stevia in coffee for the second time around.. and it is ok. I could get used to it! ….. I think ….

So here are my reflection from my first morning on the #rebalancemybody grid.

  • I am not sure if I can weigh myself in the nuddy as its COLD!!!! Im such sensitive soul so I feel everything and cant stand being cold!! BRRRRRR so ill let you know how I go with that.
  • My scales are really old .. so i wont be worrying about how many grams I loose it will either be a 1 kg or a hlf kg experience. This is good as I am really not so worried about the scales, more the freedom of a clear mind and happier body…
  • I can’t read the scales without my glasses so I have to get my husband to read the number on the scales and Im naked .. so you can just imagine … there were lots of giggles .. shall I say …. :-)
  • Im feeling ready to go… but I know this is just DAY 1 … so I know this feeling will not last as I am human and so I will need some nurturing words that I can say to myself when I’m feeling the toughness that goes with withdrawals and cravings… more on that once I feel more vulnerable.. dont worry it will come!!


So now I have time.. Im at my office writing this blog .. and so I shall set those intentions.. drink that lime water and eat my morning apple … and I will be grateful that I have a living healthy body that can heal itself and return itself back to a state of pure peace and balance.. BRING IT ON!!!






PHASE 2 DAY 3 (STATS: Total minus 1.5kg MOOD: Stable, mild cravings)

I stood in the kitchen today and as my eyes rested on the honey; I literally felt my body tingle in my chest and arms and I SO wanted to reach out and grab that honey! Instead though, I stood motionless. I heard my inner voice get really funny and I laughed as I sad to myself .. “BACK AWAY FROM THE HONEY!!! Back away from the honey!!!”

Apart form that crazeeee moment; I have been travelling really well. I keep waiting for the sugar withdrawal headaches and sickly feeling that can come .. and nothing!!! I can only think that it must be the magic potion* ! How wonderful is that magic potion!!

Some updates on the things I notice the most …

  • I found myself imagining a lollie or something sweet in my mouth. This was not a die hard craving.. it was ever so slight  Its is only day 3, I am working my powerful intentions pretty hard in the shower each morning and I Take 5 during the day to get a #quickiemeditation in. So this must be all helping!
  • I am still freezing when I stand naked on the scales.. but Im pushing through as its just what a girl has to do right now!! The things we do!!!
  • The first 2 days I only managed to have two doses of the magic potion as I was lost in my busy day so today I am working the program to ensure I get the three doses in.

My biggest success for the day with the whole #rebalancemybody experience was a trip to McDonalds and I walked out with JUST a flat white on skim! I love that I did that! I felt like Id achieved a miracle and I was surprised that there was no marching band or at least a guard of honour as I walked to the car to celebrate my success. Instead there was just a family with kids, a wayward seagull and a cigarette butt to greet me in the car park! Still I knew just how great I had been!

The other really big moment was the husbando bringing into the office a great dinner of greens and prawns cooked in garlic to the office as I was working late tonight! So he gets some points for that!

I just cant believe I have not had one headache yet! Goodness me… what coming next?


* Magic potion is the Weigh Less with Jess Drops





PHASE 2 DAY 4 (STATS: total minus 2kg MOOD: Oh dear its not good… read on.. )

Really BAAAAAAAAADDDD nights sleep. I woke up and it felt like all my body and organs were tender. And at 2am (when I’d just got to bed at 12 midnight!!) I was WIDE AWAKE!

I called on my spiritual team to help with the sleep and I eventually found myself drifting off to a wonderful slumber and when I woke … I felt weak, no energy and just lay there thinking … “Well it took until day 4 but here it is… the SUGAR withdrawal detox process has finally arrived. But still … no headache.

I scrambled out of bed and crawled (ok I was actually walking but crawled sounded way more dramatic) so I crawled my way to the magic potion and took my morning 10 drops. And waited. My girls were talking to me.. and I managed to mumble some answers. Not sure what I said there. I think I may have said yes to a whole lot of books from the book club!!

Somehow I started to get moving and I was surprised to say that I started to feel better. In the shower I took myself through a concentrated meditation to ease the feeling that my body had been trampled by a heard of mistaken elephants –  and soon after I started to feel better. It feels much more tolerable now.

BUT the grand announcement is …… the headache has arrived!!  Still Im not feeling as bad as I have in the past when I had stopped eating just processed sugar; which is nothing compared to this process of just two pieces of fruit a day!

My biggest surprise is that my body has shifted to a place of 2kgs lighter in just 4 days! I find this to be amazing as right now I am really bloated.  I mean it! I think my breasts are holding the pacific ocean they feel so full.  I know why as my perimenopausal period is finding its way to me so to loose weight when my body is so full of fluid; well its just very AMAZING!

So today given that Im not feeling great – as much as I can its going to be all about nurturing me. I will do another 5 minute #quickiemeditation, and just rest my body for at least an hour or two in the evening and just DO NOTHING (this is very rare for me).

And then tomorrow will be another day.

If I make it to the keyboard tomorrow….. Ill let you know how I go…….. (Mantra: I sent the intention that my body is rebalancing back to its natural state of great health… repeat 20,000 times .. ok.. I’m delirious.. its the detox.. Ill only say it once today!!)




PHASE 2 DAY 7 (STATS: total minus 2kg MOOD: Sleepy, cant stop sleeping but thats because Ive been unwell) 

Well the last few days have just been one big blur. I discovered why many people start this program after their period. I began in the week leading up to my period so I am very pleased to have shifted 2kg’s under those circumstances.

The last 24 hours have been so hectic as Ive been unwell. And without going into to many sordid details my body was not keeping much within it so I Ive not taken any drops and I’ve eaten couple of foods off the list – still healthy – as they were all my body could stand to eat.

To my surprise my old scales keep telling me Im at 42kg and thats ok as ultimately its not about the weight. So tonight as I write this I have no funny reflections – just a note that I am listening to my body nd getting the REST it keeps asking for.

Back to my old self tomorrow I suspect… until then … stay tuned!!!