Published on January 2, 2017




Today as I stood by the mangoes at my local grocery store; a lady said hello and we began chatting. I knew of her as we had met a couple of times years ago and her name was familiar as she is one of the people who regularly likes my FB content!


As we were talking she was telling me that her mother had passed. During our conversation I kept hearing gently 3 … 3 .. 3. I asked her if her mother had died at 3pm and she said yes .. she had passed at 20 to 3.


I was then shown two other significant pieces of information about a specific piece of jewellery – a necklace and she confirmed that she had just had her mothers necklace fitted with a new chain so she could wear it again.


Then I was promoted to talk about her cat. By this stage I knew that this was a helpful sharing as she confirmed that there was a story about the cat and in the end her mother’s cat that she loved very much had found a good home.

As we spoke it was a beautiful moment I was pleased that she felt the comfort of knowing that her mother is with her from the other side. Sigh ….. beautiful work from the non physicals. 


Your loved ones once they pass are with you 24 /7. They never leave your side and as they are no longer confined by a physical body they can be everywhere all at once. They are after all, just energy.


They occupy the space that is all around you as well as the space that exists between your cells. That is why we can say they are in your heart forever as from an energetic perspective that exactly where they literally are – within your body, mind and soul. 


When you speak to them they listen and they will often find ways to leave you signs that they are with you and can hear you. The signs may come in many forms. Yes feathers, clouds, butterflies and birds are common. Lights out of the corner of your eyes. 


And even when you feel that they have left you and you can not feel them close anymore, they have not gone anywhere. They are simply just away from your awareness as you become busy with your life once again. 


We miss them so. There significance in our life can sometimes be felt more once they are gone than when they were here. Death is curious like that. But in the end, from a non physical point of view at least – they never go away at all.