Wisdom For Your Life (Allen & Unwin)

As a therapist and frontline social worker in a busy emergency department, every day of her working life Katrina faces psychological trauma, death and grief. What makes her story so powerful is that Katrina also communicates and receives messages from the souls of those who have died. Using her remarkable ability to talk with those who’ve passed over, she discovers a bounty of wisdom, and answers to some of life’s greatest questions.In Wisdom For Your Life Katrina tells some of her many amazing stories from the death of a small baby, to a father who suicides, showing that those who have passed over continue to communicate with us and that death is anything but the end.
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Happy Little Hearts – health & healing meditations for children (Blue Angel Publishing)

Designed for primary school aged children these meditations will support your child to understand their feelings and experience ways to help and heal themselves with the help of some special friends.

Every child feels sad sometimes. Whether it’s a hurt knee through to divorce, death of a loved one or even child abuse, children need to feel safe, loved and protected.

These meditations will support your child as they heal from sadness, grief or trauma. ‘Happy Little Hearts’ teaches your child that their natural state is one of health, happiness and peace.

Katrina Cavanough will personally sign your copy of Happy Little Hearts. At your request she will also write a personal message to your child.

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