Published on June 9, 2014


The truth about money and me.  


The plate moved through the air and the result was inevitable. The dread pulsed within my tiny body. From the lens of my memory the plate crashed in slow motion on the wall behind my fathers head. There were screams, voices laced with venom. I watched as my mother walked down the length of the kitchen toward my father with her hand in the air. I felt my body go, and I went within.


My memory has taken me back to that moment and now, even in my 40 year old body I feel heavy and full of despair. The years melt away and I am there, back then as if it is now. I am 4 years old hearing the misery of my mum and dad fighting once again, about money.


As I breathe and release the traumatic imprint of that moment I feel my body lighten. This all occurs in a matter of seconds. As my consciousness moves away from this moment I return to the now and I have the greatest clarity.


I suddenly understand why money has been so frightening for me. Why, for my whole life I have always addressed money by ignoring it, pretending it was not there, asking others to manage it and always feeling overwhelmed by and never quite knowing what to do with it.


I was raised with a strong work ethic so I am very good at working hard and earning it. Yet I never have felt any connection to it. It always used to shock me when each fortnight my pay would be deposited into my bank account and then I would be overwhelmed at how to manage it.


And this relationship with money has continued. Years ago when I decided to begin a business and charge a fee for my services, I worked very hard to achieve a state of mind where I could feel comfortable directly asking for and receiving money for my services. This took a few years and most days I feel completely at peace for the exchange of money for my offerings to be of service.


I now know that I deserve to have a nurturing, soft and prosperous relationship with money. It is an area where I deserve to feel at peace and at ease. I have realized this and I have taken steps to truly master an easy relationship with money. And I would like to share this with you now.


Of course I wanted to help other people feel better about their experience of money. I know that it is possible to attract more money into your life and whilst this will be the effect of feeling better about money; it is not the main aim. I want you to feel more at peace with your money. I want you to know the truth about you and money. I know that if you do not have a peaceful relationship with money then the rest of your life will feel out of balance.


If you see yourself in my story, or perhaps not exactly the same story, yet you know that you might use shopping as an addiction, ignore money, rely on others for money, or just have a messy relationship with it – would you like to feel better about yourself and your money?


I would like to offer for an investment of $1 per day – an opportunity to work with me to change how you feel and therefore experience money in your life. I want you to feel at ease with it.


I wanted to keep the investment manageable, as at this stage investing $1 per day is something that makes this gentle yet powerful program accessible to everyone.


For $1 per day over the 30 day program you will receive


1. A daily email for 30 days with a reflective exercise for you to work through and consider. You can either do these each day or you can work though the questions that you feel a strongest connection to over the weekend.

2. 3 Video Tutorials on day 10, 20 and day 30 of the program.

3. An email exchange with Katrina Cavanough to review your progress with the program.

4. A 25% discounted offer on an individual coaching session.


To register for the next 30 day ‘The Truth About Money and Me’ program please send an email to with the subject: ‘Please register me for The Truth About Money and Me starting FEBRUARY 2016.


You will then receive an invoice for $30 investment and then confirmation email.


Looking forward to working with you, sharing together and finding real financial peace and balance.