Published on October 3, 2013


I had often read many amazing people comment about just how humble they felt when they were asked to write a foreword . I never quite understood the feeling of this until I was asked by Emily to write the foreword for her new book … The Voice Of Intuition…. Of course the words came easily and it was such a wonderful experience to step outside of my own writing and immerse myself; if just for a moment into the feeling space of another’s creative and personal expression.

Emily Chantiri is the author or four other books including bestsellers, The Money Club & Financially Fit For Life and The Savvy Girl’s Guide to Money.  She is also a freelance journalist and is a regular contributor to the Sydney Morning Herald.


Foreword for ‘The Voice of Intuition’ Foreword written by Katrina Cavanough….



Intuition is often misunderstood and understandably so. It can be challenging to describe and unless we are open to hearing its soft whispers and feeling its strong urges then it can be mistaken or worse, dismissed.

On the other hand, when harnessed it can be a great internal compass that helps us navigate a clear course as we move through life.  The greatest misunderstanding is the myth that intuition is only available to a select few of ‘gifted people’.  These people are seen to have some special power or talent that sets them apart from others in their community. Sadly this leads to many people believing they cannot access this part of themselves as they perceive it is not there. They live their lives unaware of this great resource that is available to them.

In The Voice of Intuition Emily has broken through these misunderstandings and returned the way we see intuition back to the everyday in a most powerful way. Through her own story we can see that listening to your inner voice will take you on the greatest journey and will always deliver you to the correct destination.

Bravely, Emily trusts her own intuition and as she does a great adventure begins to unfold. Driven by a desire to uncover the mystery of a prophetic dream she travel across the globe to learn of a spiritual leader who’s message so happens to be about the power of the inner voice.

Emily weaves a simple yet powerful message through an intriguing story about her own relationship with intuition. Emily shows us so well that it is the message that rests within yourself, that gives you the most reliable answer.  It is the same for everyone.

Resting within the pages are practical tools offering everyday strategies to discover and strengthen your intuition. These tools transformed  this book from an inspirational story into a powerful resource that will completely change your life.

As I read The Voice of Intuition I felt a deep sense of relief wash over me. I understand now why I was asked to write the foreword. Emily’s experience of intuition was much the same as my own. She lived in the real world and in her life she naturally used all her senses. There was no fuss about it. But she listened and she was rewarded

It is time for these stories, and others like it, to be told. Grand adventures spurred on by prophetic dreams and guided by a strong inner compass. A story told with a style and personality that only a financial journalist could offer. Grounded. Matter of fact. Real, everyday life.

Emily’s story will take you on the most grand adventure. As you travel along the way with her don’t be surprised if you feel inspired to listen more closely to your own inner voice. As you do you will reconnect with all of who you are including your intuition.

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