Join with Katrina as she shares her unique story …

For 10 years Katrina worked closely with hundreds of tragic and unexpected deaths.  During those years unbeknown to those around her she began to have conversations with the souls of the people who had died as they made sense of their own death. 

Through her capacity to connect with spirit Katrina has supported many souls as they crossed over. Helping them to make peace with their own death. As they passed the soul would reflect and share insights about their own life and their unexpected entrance into the after life. As Katrina listened and reflected she began to collect a body of wisdom. Wisdom about living a life with meaning, happiness and sense of purpose. It is these insights, these powerful understandings that have culminated in messages that are now The Wisdom of the 400™ Events. Katrina’s book Wisdom For Your Life (Allen & Unwin) shares the stories and The Wisdoms with you. Wisdom For Your Life is due for release in 2013.

Katrina is currently offering a tour of events to share the story and The Wisdoms with you. The Wisdoms will change your life. Each wisdom is full of practical insights that create a pathway to happiness, peace, prosperity and a love filled life.