Published on May 18, 2013


After such a successful ONLINE CD Launch for Happy Little Hearts I decided to share some of the highlights to help parents and carers of children to deal with the everyday hum of loving and raising our children.

When our kids become overwhelmed with their feelings so can we. Just because we are the grown ups does not mean that we naturally know what to do.  “What do I do now?’ I have often asked myself in the moment of bouncing emotional balls. Yes, even me with my 20 years experience as a therapist working with children; I have been blinded by the moment of the temper tantrum, sobbing  sadness and frustration that comes with overwhelming disappointment. Blinded by my mummy heart, blocked from the knowledge I hold in my intellectual brain, when its on, its on and I too need some easy to refer to tips to ‘love the moment and get through it the best way I can.’

TOP 3 TIPS to support your child to manage strong emotions;

1. Give your child a clear message that feeling angry/sad, confused/ hurt/ lost/ is OK. You can say, “its ok to feel sad’… say these simple words both in the moment …….. and afterward the crisis/ intense emotion has passed …..

2. Find an easy way that suits your child to return to a calm place… this may be holding them, soothing them with soft words, speaking clearly and calmly, telling them when they are ready, it is time to find the calm place again…. walking outside, sitting in their room, having a bath or shower….brainstorm ideas with your child in a non emotional moment so you can come up with ideas of the best way so you then have a plan…

3. Find a creative outlet or a way that your child can feel / return to their body… yoga, meditation, sports, walking on the beach or grass, catching a ball, playing… anything to return them back to the moment and say to them,,,, see you got through that and you are ok!!! aren’t you amazing, you can feel your feelings, your feelings are telling you something, like little messages; and then move through and return back to feeling ok / good again….

When the balance of the calm returns again the most important act is an act of kindess toward yourself. Did you ‘get it right? ‘ Maybe. Did you ‘get it wrong?’ Maybe. Either way. Keep loving and next time, with plan in hand it will be easier and you will have more practice.